Our Factory Built Prefab Kits Include

Insul-Wall’s engineered silent wood floor joist system (optional).

Whatever your needs are regarding a supporting floor system – foundation or slab-on-grade, Insul-Wall will provide you with a floor joist component system comprised of prefabricated engineered joists which are easy to assemble on your foundation. Insul-Wall’s cutting-edge system has several significant advantages versus a 2*6 dimensional lumber and will save you labor, time and material costs. Within our package is ¾” Tongue & Groove floor decking with glue and screws for solid application. In the case of the particular 2 storey Colonial style model, Insul-Wall will provide you with a 2nd floor system.

Insul-Wall’s prefab computer designed wall panel system

Insul-Wall has has developed a leading-edge exterior wall panel system which is made up of 4’x9’ and 8’x9’ sections which allow for easy assembly, which results in a quick installation. Our wall panel system comprised of 2×6 lumber studs on 16? center with R20, R24 or R28 solid rigid Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation that is formed to permanently fill the wall cavity between the studs and wrap around the exterior, extending beyond the framing, to create a 2” thermal break that completely isolates the structural members on the exterior side. The wall panels for the main floors are 9’ high and second floor wall panels are 8’ high (for 2 story Models). Our window and door openings are prepared including engineered headers and framing around the openings. These two standard size panels – 4’ wide and 8’ wide are placed all around the perimeter of the floor system. Insul-Wall’s system also has ‘modifiable’ panels for each of the four walls which allows for any required modifications/adjustments. Included with delivery of the component system is a full set of drawings and instructions which ensures a fast, hassle-free installation. Each and every panel in the system is then numbered according to these instructions.

Engineered prefab roof system

Insul-Wall will deliver a computer engineered roof truss component system which includes clear span trusses, with “energy efficient design”, 18? overhangs, gable ends, hurricane ties and ‘H’ clips, 1/2” OSB sheathing, roof vents, and 15lb felt paper. Our trusses are designed with a continuous ‘bottom cord’ that allows for flexibility of placement and maximizes energy efficiency for insulation. The ‘clear span’ design allows for full support structure on the perimeter wall panels, which eliminates any need to have interior bearing walls or columns. This allows for ease of installation and movement inside, and provides complete flexibility for modification of the interior partitions placement and as a result each and every floorplan design you choose.

Our Installation guide

Insul-Wall’s complete ‘Guide to Your New Home’ each and every group of components with tips on installation, with full instructions on building your new Insul-Wall home. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about our component systems including installation of the Floor Joist System, Wall Panels, and Roof Truss System. Remember that these comprehensive guides are only one part of our Customer Support Program – our dedicated support team is always ready to answer any question you have by phone or email.


  • Layout of the wall panel systems and step-by-step instructions for placement
  • Engineering plans and drawings for the roof truss system
  • The design of our floor joist system and explanation for its installation (optional)

If there is a particular requirement, a foundation plan is included for a floor joist system on the main floor. A complete series of drawings for the particular model chosen describing all elements of the model relating to the Insul-Wall component systems delivered. See details relating to the shop drawings.

Insul-Wall’s comprehensive warranty

Each and every Insul-Wall home that we deliver to our customers comes complete with a comprehensive warranty designed to guarantee your satisfaction. For more details on the warranty included with the purchase of your new Insul-Wall home, we invite you to visit our warranty page.