Insul-Wall Prefab Cottages

Insul-Wall’s prefab cottages have become a popular building alternative over building with traditional materials. Insul-Walls prefab cottage kits have given our clients the ability to frame their dream cottage, in as little time as a few days, protecting the structure from the elements. Building with our prefab cottage building system is a perfect solution for both contractor and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Some of the advantages of using our prefab cottage kits include reduced overall building time (which translates into a significant reduction in building costs) reduced aggrevation and headaches in the construction process, and significantly better structural strength. Insul-Wall’s prefab cottage kits come complete with prebuilt floor joist, wall panel and roof truss systems.

Insul-Wall ships its prefab cottage kits to customers all across Canada. We’re an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of prefab house kits, prefab cottage kits and prefab cabin kits and it would be our pleasure to serve you.

Insul-Wall currently has excess inventory in stock. Call us today to learn more about our specials on this remaining inventory at 1 855 INSUL WALL.