Quick Facts About Insul-Wall’s Insulated Panel Systems

Insul-Wall® is rigid.
Eliminates air movement. Forms integral part of exterior wall structure; does away with the need for sheathing. Adds additional strength to the wall.
Insul-Wall® panels are pre-cut.
Accurate fitting panels go up quickly and easily leaving no gaps for drafts.
Insul-Wall® is a solid material.
Does not release dust, itchy fibres when cut or pressed in place. Doesn’t sag or become waterlogged and so retains its original “R” value for life.
Insul-Wall® is pre-built panels.
Our SIP panel home kits are delivered to the site with all framing complete, ready to stand up, saving labour cost.
Insul-Wall®is components.
Components are suitable for on-site construction. Ideal for the do-it-yourself builder.
Insul-Wall® houses have a high resale value.
More house for your money with better energy efficiency and lower maintenance repair costs.
Insul-Wall® is adaptable to any wood framing.
No requirement to change framing plans.
Insul-Wall® is suitable to any design.
Home Builders are not restricted to specific house plans. Insul-Wall® builders have complete freedom in house design.
Insul-Wall® adapts to any size framing.
Can be used to suit any framing requirements for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural type structures.
Insul-Wall® increases square footage.
Utilizing a building detail that is uncommon to traditional homes results in increased home value due to the additional square footage of living area. No extra cost.
Insul-Wall® is breathable.
Avoids condensation build-up and eliminates the threat of mildew or rot in wall cavities.
Insul-Wall® prevents thermal bridging.
Additional energy savings are obtained by preventing heat loss through the framing members of the exterior wall.
Insul-Wall® eliminates the requirement for sheathing.
Our insulated panel system delivers substanial savings in building requirements.
Insul-Wall® meets or exceeds the National Building Code, Ref. CMHC Evaluation Report No. 09589.
Recognized in Canada as an approved building system and as a recommended building method for R-2000 homes. It is recognized across Canada as a cost effective way to achieve maximum insulation values without creating problems associated with condensation build-up.
Insul-Wall® is available in R-20, R-30.
Insul-Wall® can meet minimum and maximum R-values accoording to individual home builders plans.